Friday, June 11, 2010

Got your game on?

With the 2010 FIFA World Cup upon us (schedule can be found here) there are some neat media items floating around that some geeks and fans of the game alike might find interesting in keeping up to date.

This is particularly important to me as (a) I was just informed that I have to take the kids exactly during the same time that the USA's 1st match is on, and (b) I will be traveling a bit and need to be up to date about what is going on, to in part, report it here.

Some examples of good sources, to follow the World Cup on Twitter are at or check out #WC2010, or #MNT for all the action!

Each of these others (and more) can be found on iTunes.

First, is the official soundtrack for the FIFA 2010 World Cup, Listen Up! Some seem to love it, some seem to hate it. Please don't shoot the messenger.

Second, is a free iPhone app from ESPN that has news and match tracking for ongoing (and possibly) played matches. There may be one for the iPad too for those who have one.

Finally, there is a free podcast from ESPN reporting on news and match events from the World Cup. Content so far is good and if you have a drive to work (like me) may be worth a listen or two, especially on match days.

How about some links? We got 'em. Check these out:
SOURCE: When Saturday Comes

World Cup College Clever lads, these. Not only do they preview the games thoughtfully, they approach football from impossible but entertaining angles too, for example looking at why Zeno's paradox means that John Terry's lack of speed won't be an issue. Sample quote: "Because we are cognitively predisposed to relate our personal circumstances to external events and occurrences, we have little difficulty developing an affinity with a group of people (that we've never met) representing us, via shared nationality, in a sporting tournament." That's why you blindly love England.

FIFA official site It may sound obvious, but FIFA's official site is, as official ones go, the full ten yards better than any of its sister sites. There are few better places for historical stats, or up-to-date news on less-covered countries like Honduras and Paraguay. Even its features bravely attempt a slightly more original angle than the mainstream media, although the prose is in that clunky territory you might generously say is aimed at a global audience. And don't expect any probing investigations of corporate backhanders. Sample quote: "This year the prize for the most original motivational approach surely goes to Japan, who rounded off their build-up in Switzerland with a visit from members of Japanese boy band Exile. During the event, Takeshi Okada's men were presented with a banner and some origami cranes in the team's colours." It will be the origami cranes wot win it. There are, apparently, environmentally friendly vuvuzelas made out of South African seaweed – that's the kind of priceless fact you can pick up at this site devoted to the tournament's six African participants. The ugly design is ten years out of date, but again this is a good location for non-mainstream news and features in what sometimes reads like quasi-poetic, dictionary English. Sample quote: "Already the exclusion [from Nigeria's squad] of Victor Anichebe and Ikechukwu Uche is causing ripples, while that of the former has taken an international dimension with his club, Everton Football Club of England, knocking Nigeria for misinforming the world about the player's physical condition." Although the world may have just missed that story in the light of the BP oil catastrophe, the perpetually jittery financial markets and Israel's attack on the Turkish aid ship heading for Gaza.

Got more? Send them along and we'll post them here.

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  1. The only iPad app as of 6/15 is one by Univision "Futbol Copa Mundial 2010" all the content is in Spanish, but fairly easy to figure out, as to scores and updates etc.