Wednesday, June 23, 2010

USA v. ALG Needed a referee after the match ...

World Cup 2010: Saifi 'slapped female journalist'

A female journalist has claimed Algeria footballer Rafik Saifi slapped her in the face after his side were knocked out of the World Cup.
"I was waiting for the Algerian players. When Saifi came I just moved away. I felt a hit," Asma Halimi told BBC World Service.
The journalist, who works for Algerian newspaper Competition, said she had a disagreement with Saifi a year ago.
"I will make [a] complaint with Fifa and the police," she added.
The BBC World Service's Richard Connelly witnessed the incident in the mixed zone - an area where journalists and players congregate - after the match.
"Rafik Saifi slapped the face of journalist Asma Halifi," said Connelly.
"She hit him back as a reflex.
"He then threw a bottle of sports drink which missed and had to be restrained from attacking her again."
The BBC understands the altercation comes after a year of bad feelings between the pair.
"Saifi took exception to an interview that she translated and published in her newspaper," explained Connelly.
"There was a similar incident between the two last year. She's going to complain formally to Fifa and to the police later on tonight."
Halimi says that Saifi threatened that she will come to harm in Algeria.
An Algerian federation spokesman said he had no information about the incident and so could not comment.
There was nobody immediately available from Fifa.
The Algerians had just been knocked out of the World Cup after losing to an injury-time goal by Landon Donovan of the United States.
Article courtesy of the BBC (link here).
Note that the authorities indicate that it is likely that this player will be tried in a "World Cup Court" as players are apparently not exempt from the jurisdiction of these courts. As part of the study of these courts I will include any further updates to this case, at that time.

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