Monday, July 19, 2010

Anyone catch the error in FIFA's post?

A few days ago, I posted a "By the Numbers" article from FIFA here.

Eagle eye JAFO picked up a pretty glaring error in the posting by FIFA. Not a little thing like an incorrect spelling of a word or two, but a serious error that I have since reached out to FIFA about (lets see what they will do).

Can anyone find it?

Comment below and lets see what we have ...


  1. 261 fouls committed, with 47 coming during the final... Combined with 17 send-offs means one red card every 17 fouls!

  2. Zach got it ... and in record time! Good eyes.
    Sorry, no prize, but this may be something we will have to consider for future pop questions like this one.

    I believe the comment should be 261 cautions, which would make about 4 a match and make a bunch more sense.