Monday, July 26, 2010

Funny what you find when you are not looking

For those faithful readers who want to know how the loop was closed on the Germany v. Serbia interview, here it is ...

As you can see from this AM post the article regarding the interview with Angelo Bratsis is up, and a link as well to In discussing the details of re-posting this article I got the opportunity to communicate with the author,  LE Eisenmenger, fairly extensively over the course of the day and learned a couple of things.

First, that the sites that LE writes for are excellent, as is the authored content by LE. I strongly encourage readers (if they are not aware of these sites) to go to both (specific articles by LE are here) and The Boston Pro Soccer Examiner.

Second, not all that long ago I was waxing about how media is part of the equation regarding popularity in the US, well the game clearly has a friend, as these posts range the spectrum from reporting on individual matches itself, to the more revealing look at the sport, and what goes into it.

Take a look, it is worth the time.

With any luck Kicking Back will find an excuse to collaborate with LE and we can really put our heads together on something.

Have a though about that? Please post it below!

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