Thursday, July 8, 2010

No Vuvuzela for you!

Here today, gone tomorrow. While the debate rages on about if vuvuzelas should be allowed for the remainder of the World Cup, broadcasters have taken the matter into their own hands.

Earlier I shared (2) opinion pieces with you about why or why not the vuvuzela should be allowed at the remainder of the World Cup. For now however several broadcasters are filtering out the noise with specially designed filters, apparantly to the liking of their viewers.

Broadcasters Filtering out World Cup Vuvuzelas

COLOGNE, Germany (Hollywood Reporter) - Around the world, broadcasts of the football World Cup have been accompanied by the same, annoying drone ... of commentators complaining about the vuvuzelas.
The plastic horns are a traditional noisemaker in South African sports stadiums, local officials claim. But the sound of thousands of vuvuzelas honking has commentators, networks and audiences at home raising their voices in protest. ...
Complete story here courtesy of ABC news.

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