Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A programming note ...

Real life gets in the way again.

While many of you will be serving at Veterans Cup this week and weeks end, I have the dubious pleasure of attending a bar review class in Boston for the rest of the week and the weeks end. My access and time will be limited, so I have a series of posts and re-posts for you all that are of mostly World Cup flavor that I found interesting.

I will be checking in and may find the time to post additional information, and certainly will find time to monitor comments from the existing posts (you guys are burning up the latest post on Webb). Also, as soon as the massref post comes out, I will link to it here too as that I am sure will get the juices flowing. Also, on my return I have permission to post the full and unedited versions here for your reading pleasure.

For those at the Veterans Cup, any updates from the fields are appreciated, and I am sure we will be hearing from JAFO, Nigel, and maybe a Kicking Back guest contributor that was just over in South Africa and is writing furiously about the sights, sounds, and politics of the World Cup. Stand by for that one, it looks good!

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