Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Random observations from the Nederlands v Uruguay semi-final match

The pace to start this match was lightning fast! The tone was set by the first hard tackle, under 30 seconds into the match by Van Bommel against Pereira. And no foul called!

The combination of the orange and the sky blue uniforms did not work for me.

Even at high levels defenders put their hands up to indicate offside to the referee. Silly.

Did you notice the Uruguayans initial onslaught lasted exactly 15 minutes? You could see the team take a breather in unison almost as if the coach had sounded the whistle for a water break. The Dutch withstood the challenge and proceeded to come forward for the first time after that. Does any team in the world play one-touch soccer better than the Dutch?

And can you recall a more stunning goal than the one scored by Holland’s Van Bronckhorst in the 17th minute? With the possible exception of the answering blast by Forlan in the 40th! If there are anyone left still complaining about the ball, they must be goalkeepers.

I like The Dutch continuing to go forward even when leading by a goal in after 70 minutes. They deserved this win.

Who was this referee? Did anyone notice him for the first 80 minutes? Fantastic. Smiling deep into the second half, of a World Cup semi-final. Amazing. (By the way, his name is Irmatov from Uzbekistan.) A nice even game, with the one weak yellow card to Nederlands’ Boulahrouz in the 79th minute. 31 fouls in the game, and a nice flow throughout. This was a classic example of the players getting the game and the pace they wanted.

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