Monday, July 12, 2010

Referees leap to Howard Webb's defence

Former Premier League referees have defended Howard Webb after criticism of his display during Spain's 1-0 World Cup final win over the Netherlands.
Webb booked 13 players and sent off Dutchman Johnny Heitinga in a fractious and incident-packed game on Sunday. ...
Full story here, courtesy of BBC Sport.


  1. "As it's a World Cup final I'd give his performance a nine [out of 10]." ....could not agree more, that is the highest achievable rating. The players own that last 1 of the 10, and that was just not going to happen yesterday. Loved this World Cup!!!

  2. I would have rather have seen a red card for the kick to the chest, it could have broken his ribs or sternum rather for what the 2nd yellow was given for that led to the actual red card. But I agree Webb probably didn't give it because he didn't want to be seen as ruining the game so early. The idea that De Jong didn't realize his foot was raised so high, hogwash.

  3. You're on my pulse anon. Look at the post for July 13th in the AM that discusses just this point, and what resulted.

  4. Howard Webb's and his two Assistants performance were excellent, they were in a lose/lose situation regarding the DeJonge challenge. DeJonge should have been sent off. His action has no place on a football field and the laws of the game should be followed irrespective of the importance of the game. If this type of challenge goes unpunished than Dejonge will repeat it in other games. Anyone who watches the English Premier League will know that DeJonge is a thug on a football field and consistently dishes out this type of challenge week in week out. The Dutch players only have themselves to blame for the loss. I'd be interested in Johan Cryuff's comments on this game, I guess this is the new Dutch 'total football'.