Monday, August 9, 2010

FIFA World Magazine

Not all that long ago I was had a significant layover in Germany on my way to India and I ran across the subject magazine in a Lufthansa lounge to pass the time between flights. It was a quick read, very flashy and well put together to help deliver FIFA's message.

Sure enough as I was roaming around the dark corners of FIFA site again I came across the online version of the magazine. Still a good read. Particularly the August 2010 version, which recaps the 2010 World Cup and contains a bunch of info that can be mined form a number of sources, but is all right there in a single source for anyone interested.

A very good delivery as well (the sound of the page turning is really cool). Click the thumbnail below for the August 2010 version, or here for an index. All courtesy of FIFA.

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