Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gregg who ??

Kicking Back Comments:
In a poor attempt to be edgy or sarcastic Greg Doyel I believe misses the biggest picture of all in his below article. If the US MNT wants to do well on the international stage, they are going to have to seek a coach likely not from this country to get it done. Xenophobia aside, the bottom line is to get the best person for the job, not the best American for the job. 

I'd hire Marvin the Martian if it would help our cause.

After all the bottom line is winning ... right Gregg? What counts is that the players are US born, not the coach. Besides, if we follow Greggo's logic, the US could not use glue, because it was patented in Britain in the 1750's. How about beer ... nope, not here either. How about THE GAME itself? Nope ... Japan 1004 B.C. Why are we sullying ourselves with such things Gregg?

Read on friends, and just see how myopic an opinion can get ... that is to say in my own myopic opinion.

Ugly truth: U.S. soccer team needs American coach

This is not a soccer story. This is an American story, and as it happens, I'm an American. Jurgen Klinsmann is not. And for me, that's where the story starts, and ends:
Klinsmann is not an American, so I don't want him coaching the U.S. soccer team.

Let him coach Germany if he wants to coach a national team. Maybe Germany won't have him back. Maybe I don't care. That's their issue, not mine. Germany has a national team. America has a national team. Let theirs coach theirs, and ours coach ours. ...

Full rant article is here, courtesy of CBS Sports.

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