Thursday, August 19, 2010

Parents gone wild ...

Kicking Back Comments:
My answer to the byline question is ... NO! Book the guy and throw away the key for assault and battery of an 11 year old. Read on to see just how people lose their minds when it comes to youth sports. Granted I can empathize as I have seen my son tackled pretty hard in a match, but not to the point where I ran out into the field and do what this guy did. Take a look at the video too ... and the offending players coach who was flirting with blaming the referee, but never quite got there ... it was close though.

After Kids' Soccer Game - Arrest Over the Top?

Brighton, N.Y.- After a nearly month-long investigation, Brighton Police have arrested a Victor man for an incident at a Rochester District Youth Soccer League game.

It happened on July 16th at French Road Elementary School in a game between the Brighton Stormers and Victor-Farmington teams.

Police said that during the game, contact between 11-year-old players began escalating--and that's when Kevin Merriman, 41, of Victor, parent of a Victor-Farmington player, went onto the field, picked up one of the Brighton players and held him in a "bear hug" that resulted in the child being lifted off the ground. ...

Read the full article here, courtesy of WHAM.COM out of Rochester NY.

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