Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What Will Solo Do?


For those who follow the US WNT, you may recall the tirade by Hope Solo, not Han Solo, National team GK, not smuggler turned hero, (background here, official web site here) back in 2007 against Greg Ryan after losing to Brasil 0-4 in the World Cup in China that put the US into the 3rd place match.

Her comments were aimed at Ryan's decision to replace her with Briana Scurry the night before the Brazil match. To be sure Solo was not the only one being critical of his decision. Other notables such as Brandi Chastain were also particularly vocal. A full account of the events can be found here courtesy of SFGate.com. It is worth noting, she offered somewhat of an apology on her Facebook page over the incident ... to her teammates.

Flash forward to August 2010 when Boston played Atlanta where Solo serves as GK where she accused Boston fans of being sexist and racist through their comments, which were apparently later validated and a very civil exchange of apologies occurred (source) between the teams, fans, and players. The whole incident was apparently chalked up to a handful of unsavory fans.

So while I believe there is no place in the game, or life, for such epitaphs, I also believe participants at that level have to grow a bit of a hide and be ready to suffer some public criticism, even some insulting behavior. The article talks about songs sung, and other organized chants. Well gee folks, when does it have to be sunshine and lollipops all the time, or in the alternative, silence? Has anyone gone to a match where the crowd chants "you suck" before the taking of a goak kick? How about this classic "A rope, a tree ... ." How many times has a 14 year old referee been told to go packing by a group of adults?

Flash forward to the other day where Solo goes after the league and referee. This one is almost laughable as her comments were odd, to say the least. [I have to admit a bias here as I have worked with Kari (Seitz) a number of times and found her to be a tremendous professional.] One of the more memorable quotes was:
"Its official, the refs are straight bad. Its clear the league wanted dc in playoffs. I have truly never seen anything like this. Its sad. ... I am done playing in a league where the game is no longer in control of the players."
You can see the whole mess here on Twitter.

Now I am curious to see what the disciplinary committee will decide this week about the tweeted comments (and please see the full story for the whole thing) as it would seem that there is a threat of sorts in there that she won't play if she can't get her way. We will see how serious about the league is regarding such comments about referees, and frankly the league itself. 

Imagine if nothing happens and YOU are the next referee who gets the pleasure of seeing her. Imagine further for a second if the shoe was on the other foot. What would the league, or US Soccer do against a referee who shot their mouths off about a player?

It may seem inequitable, but it  is the reality. Keep in mind too, that THE game is bigger that any individual.

In any event, given the string of incidents it would certainly seem there is a loose cannon on deck. I am curious to see how this is dealt with as it effects the womens league, the WNT, and the referees as well.

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  1. Randy Moss (the guy that plays with the pointy ended ball) and her must drink out of the same cup!

    I believe her comments constitute her official resignation from her team and the league, so let her go off.