Sunday, October 10, 2010

A funny thing happened........

So EPL is not playing this weekend (EURO2012 games), England does not have a game until Tuesday, so what should I watch....

Scanning the channels had me stopping at a Spanish channel showing Futbol Mexico. It was a Premier Division game. A couple of minutes was spent checking out the TV settings, is the ball really pink ?? Yes it is and hopefully in support of one of my favorite charities.

Referee awards a direct free kick to the attacking team about 10 yards out from the Penalty Area, ideal ceremonial free kick conditions. Traditonal kicker/defender/referee exchange of pleasantaries occurs at the ball. It becomes apparent that the kicker has asked for 10 yards. From his pocket, the referee takes out a spray can, sprays a short white line on the grass in front of the ball, paces 10 yards and then sprays another white line on the grass. The defensive wall lines up on the second white line and the kick is taken.
Research so far has not revealed that this is anything more than an experiment in Mexico.

Later, I watched highlights of SJ v DC. Other than the goals, the highlight(lowlight) for me fell in the realm of 'what will commentators say next'. An altercation between 2 players lead to both being sent off, with the apoplectic commentator telling his audience how bad the officials are because 'it is not allowed to show 2 red cards at the same time' HUH!!!!

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  1. The spray can started in Brazil a few years ago then moved into the rest of South America and was used in Copa Libertadores. FIFA recently told South America to stop using it.