Thursday, March 24, 2011

Will kick for food ...

NFL star Ochocinco to try out with Sporting Kansas City

It’s a gimmick. It has to be.

That was the first reaction most had to the news that NFL star Chad Ochocinco would be trying out for MLS side Sporting Kansas City. With a labor battle putting his day job on hold, here was Ochocinco, master of the media circus, delving into a new hobby.

That seemed like the most logical explanation for why Ochocinco, he of the Dancing With the Stars appearance, reality show and engagement to a fellow reality show star, would try to be a pro at a sport he hadn’t played on any organized level in nearly two decades. ...

See the full story here, courtesy of Fox Sports.

Kicking Back Comments: I hope KC and Ocho enjoy the fame for the (4) day training camp. If the past is any indication, Ocho is going to get summarily cut before he even sees a practice match. Anyone remember Sunil Chetri?

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