Tuesday, June 14, 2011

South Africa ... a Year Later

Is the 2010 FIFA World Cup legacy all smoke and mirrors?

One year on - and not a single South African newspaper considered the 2010 FIFA World Cup Anniversary worth mentioning on the front cover (apart from a tiny Zakumi gracing theCity Press banner). Equally disinterested was the national broadcaster, which did not even devote a single show to remembering what once had been billed "South Africa's greatest moment in history" - and even 702 pulled its World Cup Special in favour of a discussion on how holiday homes can be rented at a discount in low season. ...

See the whole story here, courtesy of Bizcommunity.

Kicking Back Comments: Interesting quazi-financial analysis that continues to ask the question, a year later, did South Africa really get something for the World Cup? Granted in the afterglow it is largely on the host country to make something of it with the recognition and monies that are residual, but were all those promises by FIFA fulfilled? Why does it appear that other host countries have done much better at capitalizing on the "afterglow" than South Africa?

The business of sport ... truly fascinating. 

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