Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"The World Cup is not a Circus" - Blatter

Blatter: "The World Cup is Not a Circus"; Asks for Time to Rebuild FIFA

(WFI) FIFA president Sepp Blatter is calling for Brazil to accelerate its legacy plans for the 2014 World Cup, claiming the World Cup is not a circus that leaves nothing when the event is over.

"The World Cup is not a circus which arrives, stays for two weeks and is gone. There has to be the legacy," Blatter said in an interview with Sunday's O Globo newspaper.

Blatter said the most pressing problems in Brazil's 2014 preparations were different issues linked to the development of airports - FIFA's biggest concern - hotels and stadia, particularly Corinthians new venue that is being constructed in the eastern part of São Paulo. ...

See the whole story here, courtesy of WFI.

Kicking Back Comments: For a guy who was steadfast there was "nothing to see here", and "we don't have an image problem", he sure seems to have come to grips/can't hide just how corrupt FIFA is, or at least how corrupt FIFA appears to be.

We will see in the next 3 years the ups and downs of how this plays out and if Sepp will set up his heir apparent (Teixeria) ... as a hero to bring the WC back to its full glory ... or a goat who let it fail. 

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