Thursday, November 24, 2011

2011 Turkey of the Year Award: Sepp Blatter

So as many of you know, today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. I was originally going to write a fluff piece about how much I was thankful of so many things, which I am. But ...

Asia Pacific had its awards ceremony last night in Kuala Lumpur which is (was?) Mohamed bin Hammam's former stronghold before receiving a life ban from FIFA due his recent bribery charges. Mr. Blatter apparently could not contain himself taking several verbal shots at the disgraced leader in front of his former "subjects". You can get a taste of the comments from the AFP piece, FIFA president Blatter steals show in Asia. Here's one from the mouth of Blatter that made me laugh out loud:

"It's discipline, respect, fair play and if you put it into an organisation like the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) then you come to unity, solidarity, democracy, and finally it's a question of trust and confidence."

Now maybe its just me, but here is a guy who has been shown to have less than impeccable morals as the head of FIFA. Corruption, bribery, and recently, racism, are adjectives that are swirling around not only FIFA, but Blatter himself. You can bet your last Swiss Franc I have been researching Blatter's latest stellar example of why he should not be leading FIFA with his recent gaffe on Al Jazeera. How can this realistically continue?

Hopefully it will not for long if @FakeSepp has anything to do with it. Even he has turned from hysterical satirist to straight evangelist in some of his recent tweets.

So while I think Sepp is my 2011 Turkey of the Year, I can only hope by this time next year, we will be free of him. More importantly The Game will.

That I will be thankful for.

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