Friday, January 20, 2012

Carpe Cerveza!! - Says FIFA

This is funny on the surface, but a real issue for FIFA.

Brasil law (not a suggestion or a stadium rule) their LAW, states that no beer, or for that matter alcohol, is to be served at matches. A reason would seem clear that there are security concerns with dealing with a large groups of inebriated fan(atics).

Makes sense, right? Not to FIFA.

Check out this story from Yahoo where FIFA demands, not politely asks, that alcoholic drinks will be part of the World Cup. Look at the quotes from the Secratary General from FIFA, Jerome Valcke, in the linked story.

So Brasil is now being asked to amend its sovereign law to accommodate the money making machine that is FIFA. Amazing b@**$ power FIFA has to alter the very fabric of how a sovereign country does business to line their pocket.

At least they will make money, and keep their FIFA World Cup sponsor Budweiser happy.

By the way, the match schedule is out for WC14, and can be found here (pdf).

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