Tuesday, January 17, 2012

FIFA12 House Cleaning ... Including Roo

So as part of my "day job" I am involved in managing a line of business that produces among other things, software. Over the last few days I have been running across just how incredibly well FIFA12 is doing and was thinking I should have gone into gaming software, not the stuff I currently do. Kidding of course, but it continues to amaze me how well the FIFA franchise is doing.

Take a look here at "FIFA 12 claims sixth week at top of UK charts", where FIFA12 is just rolling over everybody else in the UK. Also from several articles, we find out that FIFA12 is becoming the largest sports game in history with a 23% year on year increase in sales to FIFA11.

Now the last stactistics that really caught my attention were from videoganmer.com.

"Four weeks into the launch, we have hosted 271 million online games, an increase of 105 per cent over last year. Fans are currently playing an average of 94 million minutes per day of FIFA 12 online. These numbers can be confusing so let me provide some context."

Yes he said 94 million minutes of FIFA12 per day. Yeah that equates to about 65,000 people playing 24 hours a day. (I need to find what Jr. is up to =/)

"One month after FIFA 12 launched in stores, the game is still on the console tray and thus still generating incremental revenue. Players are rewriting our assumptions about their traditional decay curve. They're playing longer, they're more engaged and they are eager to spend in order to extend the experience."

Do you think these guys at EA Sports have this one wired?

Finally, and funny, was this article how Roo lost the Ballon d'Ore (I though he had it personally), but how he then lost to a 17 year old Portuguese teenager in a FIFA12 match. Afterward Roo was apparently making excuses about how he was not able to play as much as he would have liked.

To which frankly I say good (as I do with Jr.) as I would rather see them both kick a real ball around, than a video image of one.

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