Sunday, January 15, 2012

Upgrade Kudos

As we have done here in the past, I would like to congratulate Steve Dileo and Ken Koopmans, who have recently been upgraded to Grade 5 (State Referee 1st Class).

While all upgrades are worth mentioning, this particular move to a Grade 5 is particularly noteworthy. With this move it most clearly demonstrates the commitment these folks have to The Game. Now in full disclosure I have the pleasure of knowing these guys and can attest personally that is true. They are both excellent referees who put a lot into their craft.

Also noteworthy is that Grade 5 is a place where a referee has to make a real decision. National or not? Some may say this decision should have been made earlier, even before going to a Grade 5. I am mixed on the topic as I believe there is a place for "State Nationals" as it were ... the best a state has to offer within its own boarders. There is a place for these referees. These folks are the best within the state that want stay within the state, so to speak.

For others the decision is a mere formality as they already know they want to go on to do games that only a National Badge will let them do.

In all cases it is an event to be celebrated, as with it, these referees enter the top 1% of referees in US Soccer.

Well done!

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