Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl!!

So last year I compared World Cup to the Super Bowl, and got into some general Super Bowl lore in "It's Superbowl Day."

This year I am a bit more vested as the New England Patriots are in playing the New York Giants in a Super Bowl rematch that I am looking forward to.

Football aside however, I enjoy the TV commercials the most and am hoping the 2012 versions are better than the 2011 ones ... save one exception noted below which was by far my favorite.

It makes me wonder though ... this young man seems to have all the makings of a future referee. After all, who parades around in a Darth Vader costume?

My least favorite leading up to the Big Game is here:

As these guys tried, and failed, to be funny (save Manning's line of 'a guy has to work') by again poking fun at referee Phil Luckett from the November 26, 1998 coin tossing incident. Too bad as detailed in this analysis by Referee Magazine that Bettis lied about the incident and threw Luckett under the ... errr ... Bus.

For the record as detailed in the story, Luckett got it right, and Bus was just plain wrong.

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