Sunday, February 26, 2012

Would the real FIFA please stand up?

So I was cruising the information superhighway the other day and ran across this ... and the irony was just too rich not to share.

FIFA (the acronym) as we know stands for Fédération Internationale de Football Association, and I do have some fun at their expense expressing personal opinions, mostly out of the rampant corruption that would seem to be, and in some cases proven to be, taking place. There is no place in The Game, nor its governors for such behavior.

I think I may have the answer as the FIFA we know and love may just be a shell company for the REAL FIFA, the Fertilizer Industry Federation of Australia. I looked at their mission statement and it would seem to be staggeringly similar ... to sell bull $*^t to the world.

I am obviously joking, but with the recent CAS rulings, and Jack Warner threatening to sue a Trinidad newspaper (in part) for behavior he resigned from FIFA over,  I continue to shake my head every time someone from FIFA speaks as I just can't believe a word out of their mouth.

That part is sad as FIFA has hopelessly tainted itself for some time. The dark humor is the other FIFA who sells manure for a living and the irony that both FIFA's share that vision currently it would seem.

What's that about art imitating life?

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