Saturday, August 25, 2012

On Means In ?! It Just Might Work

For those of who who know him, or know of him, George Cumming lead the FIFA referee program, lead and consulted on several Olympics and World Cups, and oh yeah, help revise the Laws Of The Game in points of his career.

It suffices to say he is an expert, renowned, and respected on The Game.

In his blog George Cumming's Football Blog, he writes about a variety of topics about The Laws, various incidents, and soccer pop culture in general. His writings are very good, and his site is also linked to the right, as I have noted before.

Recently with all the discussion of GLT and FIFA stating they will adopt it, he came out with a couple of posts that I thought were really insightful, and one that was way out of the box thinking, that was really, really clever.

His first, Goal line technology for .01% of world football, I think is a simple, yet eloquent recitation of the reality of FIFA's decision is on GLT.

His second, Is it time to think outside the box?, is a devilishly clever idea to twist The Laws slightly to possible avoid much of the controversy. It is "out of the box" as he says, but worth considering.

Both are good reads to put GLT into perspective that we will start to see soon around the globe.


  1. A very interesting thought... Would it evolve to such play as is allowed in basketball or volleyball where a player can be outbounds and still play a ball back in, as long as the ball has not touched the floor (ground)?

    The mere touch of a line by the ball as suggested would be considered as being across that line, would make younger ARs job easier and centers having to look into the sun have a better shot at getting the call correct.

    Thank you for finding this.

  2. My pleasure Dr.

    Yeah, I agree, it seems to make things easier for many. A novel idea worth some additional consideration from FIFA.

    Thanks for reading,