Sunday, August 12, 2012

The man has good credentials ... let's see what he's got

New Audit and Compliance Committee holds first meeting

The new FIFA Audit and Compliance Committee held its first meeting under the chairmanship of Domenico Scala at the FIFA headquarters in Zurich today. The creation of this committee and the appointment of Scala as its chairman were approved by the FIFA Congress held in Budapest on 25 May 2012.

After the meeting, Domenico Scala said: “I am very pleased that we have started to work today in this committee, which has an important role as an independent monitoring and oversight body. The aim is to ensure the accuracy of the control mechanisms related to financial reporting, audits and internal controls, as well as compliance, something which will in turn enhance the integrity of the organisation. In particular, the various proposals established during the reform process to enhance governance and compliance are now being implemented through this committee, including for example increased transparency and control of the various development programmes.” ...

See the whole article here, courtesy of FIFA.

Kicking Back Comments: Mr. Scala has very good petigree which can been seen here (.pdf). My jury is certainly out if he is able to do something with them however. We will see, or not, in the months ahead.

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