Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Have We Reached the Squeal Point? (GB v. SEA)

Back on September 7th, I penned "No Agreement ... No Referees." In my comments to the cited Washington Post article, I mentioned a squeal point where the NFL union caves to the Referee Union. After Sunday's New England v. Baltimore game, and Monday's Sea Hawks v. Green Bay game, I wonder if we are there.

In the days ahead I will write about the NE game and how I believe that a lack of communication between the referee and coaching staff of both teams continues to dig a hole for the guys in stripes, and for the games themselves. Although I'll say tongue in cheek, if the NFL was looking for an additional revenue stream they may have found it via fines for offenses to referees.

Today is a discussion about the ending of the GB v. SEA game on Monday night, and the mess that followed.

A good "blow by blow" of the single incident that may be that "squeal point" is detailed in "So about those replacement officials …" (there's that replacement word again), and the video is here, at CBS Rapid Reports.

Take a look at the video before reading on ... I'll wait. It's below for as long as the NFL allows it on YouTube.

My first reaction was an audible groan, and let me assure you it was not from the call itself, or the need for a review, it was for watching (2) referees a few feet apart failing to talk to each other before giving a signal, and each going the other way.

That one hurts.

This was a game changer at the hands of the referee, it was the squeal point. The referees could have made everyone say ... Hey, we're here, deal with it, and we are going to make the calls. Instead they seemed to say ... Hey, we're here, and we are not at all on the same page.

Again, this is not about the call itself. I don't care, and am not so knowledgable about the rules of football that I can figure it out anyway. It just looked horrible.

Both go touchdown, both go interception, both call a timeout for the review (the worst of all evils as it shows a lack of conviction), they just needed to BOTH GO ONE WAY. They were right there, they should have looked, heck even talked, before raising their arms in the air.

It's tough being a pro referee, I know that first hand. The pressures are tremendous, and things happen fast, fast, fast. Jobs are on the line with split second decisions. Referees (in general) in these positions, need to communicate, and get it right, all going the right way.

A tall order to be sure, but that's what separates pro referees from the rest.

This one incident showed clearly that the current NFL referees are not pro referees. This is true more than any other set of incidents so far this season. Can they eventually get there? Some certainly will. Will they be allowed the time to do so? I don't think so. I think Monday nights incident was the beginning of the end of the current set of referees.

We have officially hit the squeal point.

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