Thursday, September 20, 2012


FIFA'S Goal-Line Technology On Schedule in Japan

GENEVA (AP) -Officials from two FIFA-approved goal-line technology systems arrived in Japan on a Club World Cup inspection visit on Tuesday, hours after English football witnessed yet another disputed incident.

Everton was denied what appeared a clear goal against Newcastle in a Premier League match on Monday, as a referee's assistant did not spot that the ball had crossed the line. ...

See the whole article here, courtesy of NBC Sports.

Kicking Back Comments: Geez. I am just back from Japan and would have stopped by had I known.

Timing on these installations are interesting, and it makes me wonder if just more than a full year of testing will really be enough to ready the technology for "prime time", that is to say, the World Cup.

While goal-line issues are embarrassing to FIFA in a sense, a failure of GLT at the World Cup would be a huge blow to The Game overall I believe.

I remain very, very interested in the trials.

I do still think this is hilarious how this is being portrait in the media, as a referee failing, not as the speed of play these days. Even more hilarious however will be the blame on the referee when the GLT Technology itself fails. That on is coming too folks.

Take a look below for a brief GLT overview.

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