Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where is Gellette Stadium?!?

FIFA 13 stadium list

The list has been leaked, but here are the stadiums that you will be able to have matches in FIFA 13.

See the whole list here, from The Examiner.

Kicking Back Comments: While Gillette is certainly no Old Trafford, I think it rates. After all, a couple of World Cups, and a ton of international friendlies. What would it take for EA to render it??


  1. There aren't any US stadiums, let alone the empty cavern that is Gillette. Do they still play soccer there even? ;) I know the Revs are still there but they don't really count this year do they?

    Love the blog, just giving some friendly banter.

  2. LOL ... Thanks for reading Shawn.

    In looking at the list, Aloha Park may be the only US stadium. Is that the stadium in Hawaii?

    Do they even play soccer there?

    Maybe the Revs should move out that way ... they may do better =/

    Your point about cavernous is both funny and thought provoking. Soccer specific stadiums seem to be the wave of the future. I wonder if the Krafts' have something like that in mind on the grounds?

    That practice field with some additional bleachers may be perfect.

    Thanks for reading!