Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Will the US sue FIFA?

Exclusive: FIFA regulations could rule out a Qatar 2022 winter World Cup

Ever since the tiny Gulf state's upset victory over four other candidates in an often heated bidding contest, pressure has grown to take the unprecedented step of staging the tournament in winter, disrupting European fixture schedules but dodging sweltering mid-summer temperatures.

UEFA President Michel Platini is one of those leading the call for a November-December tournament but Qatar officials, who have continually faced unsubstantiated allegations of corruption, have repeatedly stated they would consider making the switch only if formally requested to do so by football's world governing body. ...

See the whole story here, from Inside World Football.

Kicking Back Comments: A line that caught my eye in the article was:

"Sources close to the bid process say any attempt to alter these conditions could result in a legal challenge by any of the four losing 2022 candidates, which could justifiably argue that they spent money, time and energy on their campaigns under the impression that they were bidding to host the World Cup in summer – and only in summer."

Now do I really think US Soccer will take action on FIFA ... no. In fact, heck no. In fact I don't think any "losing" country will as doing so would not please FIFA, and only England, Bin Hamman (who won his case against FIFA), and the media, have had the courage to stand up to FIFA.

Looks lime it is going to be a very, very hot World Cup in 2022.

I'm sure it will be fine ... it's a dry heat.

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