Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Cowards Way Out


I have to tell you that I am deeply effected by the tragedy in Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Little Ms. is about that age of those children who were needless murdered, Jr. is not far ahead of her, and Madame X is a local school administrator in Massachusetts. For those who are following this story, it was these very types of people who were targets of this absurd violence.

To say it has me grateful for their safety and re-thinking about their future safety is an understatement.

I am however making a conscious effort NOT to discuss the matter or tragedy here, save this note. It is for no other reason that I am not emotionally equipped to discuss the matter with the rational mind it needs to see it through.

So while we will continue with our nonsensical rantings about The Game we all love, I am taking the cowards way out regarding the recent shooting at Sandy Hook, to acknowledge the tragedy and contemplate on the topic silently.

We will keep at it however ... happy warriors through the larger game of life.


  1. I take strong exception to the title of this post. There is nothing here that indicates you are a coward.

    Hug your children and your wife and don't give a second thought about your choice not to share your feelings in your blog. For what it is worth, I share your views in that matter.

  2. Thanks anon, I appreciate your comments very much.

    As soon as this happened I did exactly as you stated. Frankly it was hard not to.
    Reason for my decision is the raw emotion on the topic that I can't detach from at this point in time. So while I have lots of thoughts on the matter, my ability to articulate them is tainted, maybe in the best way, maybe not.

    While I don't think I'm alone in this one, it was heartening to read your comment, and know I was not.

    Best Regards,