Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sporting KC, Please Take Note

So the other day I wrote about how Sporting KC lost its nerve and pulled the plug on funding cancer charity LIVESTRONG.

While I believe there was leeway to do so based on Lance Armstrong's speculated doping and stripping of his 7 TdF titles some time ago, Sporting KC waited until the eve of the Oprah interview and gave some pathetic excuse, essentially blaming the charity itself, while saying it, " ... defend(ed) the mission of the foundation."


I offered SKC a thought on what I thought the right note to strike was. Distance itself from the disgraced cyclist, while actually maintain support for the foundation. Not surprisingly LAF has done exactly that on their site.

Sporting KC should take note as it displays the leadership so desperately needed with such a situation. If the club truly believed in the mission of LAF, and not the man, below is a fine example of how to accomplish both.

I hope Mr. Heineman gains the courage to do so.

Screen capture courtesy of LAF

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