Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Platini v. Blatter - Round 1 for the Presidency?

Blatter angry with UEFA over declaration on FIFA reforms

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - FIFA president Sepp Blatter took a swipe at European governing body UEFA on Sunday for what he said were attempts to block his reform process to make soccer's governing body more transparent and less prone to corruption.

Blatter said he was surprised that UEFA, headed by Michel Platini who is a possible rival for the FIFA presidency in two years' time, had declared itself against key proposals from FIFA's reform working party the Independent Governance Committee (IGC). ...

See the whole story here, courtesy World News Australia.

Kicking Back Comments: Sepp seems to be walking back his retirement in a couple of years. I wonder if he is really going to go through with it given what would be a clear challenge from Platini?

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