Friday, April 5, 2013

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound ...

So the weather is getting warmer ... birds are chirping ... and spring is on the cup of springing.

Have you trained today? We are about to start the season.
An easy run ... some stretching perhaps? Have you considered doing some jumping exercises?

Why you ask ... well take a peek below from The Science of Soccer Online. Compelling stuff.

Leg Strength, Sprint Speed and Jump Performance

Soccer players typically perform around a dozen sprints during the course of a 90 minute match. In the 2010 World Cup Finals, Mexican forward Javier Hernandez reached a top speed of more than 32 km/hr (close to 20 miles per hour). There is no doubt that sprint speed is an important player characteristic that can have an important impact on performance. For example, during a breakaway, it is the faster player who either outruns his or her defender or closes down the open forward. ...

Bottom line ... are we ready to keep up if a player kicks it into overdrive?

Most of us will start refereeing next week or so (and am thankful for the extra week due to very wet fields) ... and MLS has already started.

Are YOU ready?

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