Wednesday, April 3, 2013

JAFO may have been right

The other day JAFO laid down a stinging rebuke of my GLT analysis and I came to a conclusion that I am a hypocrite.

This is not news by the way, I flop more than a freshly caught fish on the deck of a boat. I often find exceptions to exceptions especially when it comes to something like GLT.

Where I am getting caught is that I am still a traditionalist, but appreciate the technology involved.

Take a look here at Garmin's new set of toys for cyclists.

Pretty freaking cool right?

I dunno ... maybe its pride that drives me away from technology inside the pitch. Then again, as JAFO stated we are training with HR monitors and the like ... while even here I showed a GPS plot of a match I did to demonstrate just how useful the information can be.

I guess what it comes down to is how the technology is going to be used, for good, or not.

JAFO mentioned beeper flags. A good starting point.

What was not mentioned was the flurry of rotten refereeing habits that ensued after their introduction. Eye contact was at an all time low, and on more than one occasion I about had to use one as a club to get a referees attention without actually activating the beeper. This was in MLS too.

Headsets are the same. In this case information overload can come into play. There are times when a moment of silence can help more than someone crackling in your ear about what just happened.

I am still not a fan of GLT, but take JAFO's point more easily now. Where some see it as an aide to officiating, I see it an an opportunity for some to not do their job and let "technology do the work."

If that day comes, we have lost indeed.

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