Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Massachusetts selections to the 2013 President's Cup


With special thanks to the Massachusetts State Referee Committee, and SYRA Brian Treanor, I am pleased to relay the first of three announcements appointing referees to the 2013 series of Regional tournaments for Massachusetts!  

The first tournament to be announced will be the Region I President's Cup Championships.  The President's Cup is a national tournament which allows teams from all across the country to compete for a national title.  All 50 states have President's Cup play in games.   Those play in games then lead to Regional President's Cup competitions and the regional winners all meet at the US Youth Soccer President's Cup National Championships.  It is a high honor for a referee to be selected to represent his or her state at these prestigious Regional events.

I am pleased to announce that this year's Massachusetts referee/assessor delegation to the 2013 Region I President's Cup Championships will be:

Erin Cappellucci
Nikolas Coelho
Nicholas Grimard
Nicholas Karnovsky
Max Perkins
Corey Samuelson
Karl Sundberg
Joseph Welsby


Bradley Weitzel
Fouad Madkour
Mello Barros

The Massachusetts assessor for this year's event will be Boris Senic Sr.

Congratulations to all on this significant milestone in your refereeing and assessing career!

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