Thursday, May 9, 2013

Alright Travis, Now Tackle Baseball

David Ortiz rejects talk of steroid use

“How do you think he does it? I don’t know! What makes him so good?’’

Pete Townshend, “Pinball Wizard”

Hitting is not this easy. Athletes do not get better as they mature into their late 30s. Baseball has been peppered with performance-enhancing drugs for the last 20 years. The cheaters are always ahead of the testers. A number of players from the Dominican Republic have tested positive for steroids. Injuries to the Achilles’ tendon are consistent with steroid use. It is not natural for a guy to hit .426 out of the gate without the benefit of any spring training. ...

See the whole story here, courtesy of The Boston Globe.

Kicking Back Comments: You would think that all the crowing that Travis Tygart, the head of the USADA, has done about doping, and spouting all about how he wants to make things fair and safe for young athletes, he would focus on America's Pastime ... baseball.

It would seem that in this case there is actual evidence in the form of tests that were failed, not coerced testimony from peers, doctors or trainers (and I'm talking about baseball in this case guys). Ortiz himself tested positive in 2003.

Why the hold up Travis? If you want to make a name for yourself and clean up a sport, why not start at home?

I certainly have some suspicions why he is not ...

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