Sunday, June 23, 2013

Confederations Cup Canceled ...

... May indeed be the headlines shortly if FIFA and Brasil does not get their act together.

Confederations Cup: No plans to abandon event despite protests – Fifa

Fifa insisted on Friday that there were no plans to abandon the Confederations Cup in Brazil despite the protests that have affected the tournament.

Local media claimed the eight-team competition, which includes Spain and Italy as well as the hosts, could be stopped after an estimated one million people protested in cities across Brazil on Thursday. ...

See the whole article here, courtesy of The Guardian.

Kicking Back Comments: The fact that this has never been considered by FIFA, and I believe them when they say that, shows just how arrogant and misplaced they are.

I think these protests are small compared to what they are going to be for the World Cup when the Brazilian people get a real taste of the monies FIFA is extracting from their hides.


  1. What does Kicking Back think of the Italian goal in the 70th minute when after a scramble in the goal, and a whistle by Referee Irmatov (including pointing to the spot), the ball ends up in the Brazilian net....and an Italian goal is awarded? Clearly the referee wishes he could "take back" the whistle, but it certainly seems like Brazil had a point!!

    1. MassRef85 ... do you have a video?

      I've looked about and can't find it.

      Absent that, I am happy to comment as I have done this before =/

      Thanks for reading,

    2. MassRef85 ... Found it here ... and an analysis from Dutch Referee.

      Will certainly comment soon.