Sunday, September 1, 2013

Apparently even other MLB pitches think Dempster was "bush league"

Baseball Players Don’t Have a Problem with A-Rod via an ESPN Poll

Last week Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz came to the defense of Alex Rodriguez in the wake of the Ryan Dempster plunking on Sunday Night Baseball. If an ESPN confidential player poll is to be believed, Ortiz isn’t alone in the pro-Rodriguez camp. ESPN the Magazine interviewed 36 current MLB pitchers anonymously and asked them if they wanted to bean A-Rod?

Their answer: 100 percent no. ...

See the whole story here, courtesy of

Kicking Back Comments: Hmmmm ... That's pretty compelling stuff actually.

There were a couple of other things that caught my eye from the actual survey results (from the above link to ESPN).

First, was this:
4. If the 211-game ban were put to a vote with players, what percentage would side with A-Rod?
Average answer: 43.6 percent

Staggeringly precise answer aside ... it is actually a pretty small number. Far smaller than I would have ever thought.

Second, was this one, which was illuminating:
8. What percentage of players do you think is still violating MLB's drug policy?
Average answer: 7.1 percent

Wow. Honestly, I think that one is scary as I interpret this one as "How many do you have actual knowledge of that are still violating the MLB policy ..."

If it is near 10% this is really a serious issue ...

But like the NFL and NBA, MLB just does not care I would opine.

Take a look at the whole ESPN survey, it does paint a picture, and one that is not good at all.

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