Thursday, September 26, 2013

Entertaining - but without merit otherwise

So I caught Simon Borg's latest rant on, see below.

I actually find him entertaining, which at the very end of the day may be the point.

What I find odd is that MLS (and he is an MLS employee) is espousing both supporting, and non-supporting messages of referees working the leagues in these clips. You would think that MLS would be supportive of the referees they choose to employ.

On what other major sport own web site (e.g. NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL) do you see an employee of the league tear at their referees?

Now, one may say that Borg is balanced in his analysis ... well ... his opinion ... as while he references the LOTG a few times, he clearly has never done any serious refereeing ... is opinion is tilted big time.

In the video above, 60% of his comments are negative about the referee when an opinion is there (15/25), 40% are positive comments (10/25). There is one incident at 8:45 that he could have made an informed opinion, in fact an actual determination in law, but chose not to skewer the AR for missing an offside (NE v. DC), which I found happy, yet inconsistent with his general approach, to bash referees most of the time.

Now again, I get the entertainment factor, but I would also hope to get some equal treatment with the players and coaches. If Simon wants to be bold, try a target that will fight back, not one that he knows will quietly ignore his rants.

Worth a look, yes, as he does well to capture some very good clips that can be used as fodder for training referees.

Worth a listen, absolutely not, unless of course you need a chuckle, which is about all its worth.

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