Friday, September 6, 2013

Failure is not an option here

The cyclist diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease who is inspiring others to ride

Viv Mackay is one of life’s joiners.

She is a member of numerous political and activist groups and used to be an active trade union official.

So it is not particularly surprising that her love of cycling led her to set up a cycling group, an event and, more recently, become an ambassador for women’s cycling.

And given her seemingly boundless energy, perhaps it isn’t surprising that she has done her best not to let Parkinson’s disease stop her from doing what she loves – cycling. ...

See the whole story here, courtesy of Daily Echo.

Kicking Back Comments: When I was in NH the other week completing my training for the White Mountain Gran Fondo, I saw a mountain biker with one arm, churning out the miles.

It was staggering.

It is hard enough just going out and riding a bike when things are all working the way they should, but just imaging throwing in a serious medical condition on top of it and imagine how hard it gets.

Now, in addition to all of that, to become an advocate for the sport she loves just blows my mind.

Inspiration, thy name is Viv.

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