Saturday, September 28, 2013

FIFA Turning Blind Eye to Modern Slavery?

Qatar World Cup 'slaves': Fifa's UK representative 'appalled and disturbed'

Vice-president Jim Boyce calls for immediate investigation into deaths of Nepalese construction workers revealed by Guardian

A representative on Fifa's ruling executive committee has said he is appalled and disturbed by the findings of a Guardian investigation into the treatment of migrant workers in Qatar before the 2022 World Cup and vowed to push for immediate action by football's governing body.

Northern Ireland's Jim Boyce, a Fifa vice-president, called for an immediate investigation into the deaths of dozens of Nepalese workers and the ill-treatment of thousands of others working in Qatar in an £85bn construction frenzy as the country prepares to host the tournament. ...

See the whole story here, courtesy of The Guardian.

Kicking Back Comments: While Mr. Boyce is appalled, something tells me that FIFA as a whole will not be, and let the exploitation continue unfettered so the stadia will be built in time for the Christmas World Cup of 2022.

FIFA croons about Fair Play. Well you know what ... it should include all aspects of football, including those who worked with their own hands to build the place we play.

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