Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Another Legend has Left Us

Looking back in history I always find it fascinating to understand the trendsetters, the trailblazers. It is with sadness I have learned of the passing of referee legend and trendsetter, Frank Hasek at the age of 91.

Frank played professionally in Europe and began his refereeing career there, ultimately aspiring to FIFA referee in 1964, the very first from Massachusetts. A man who put us on the map as a refereeing community. 

In my experience however he was one of the most humble men about achieving such an accomplishment. His wisdom would come through in his long and at times very long stories, and would always have a fabulous point to them as they concluded.

He has helped so many in their career and I was among them.

So many great stories to tell, so much more to learn. 

Arrangements for Frank can be found on the MSRC website.

Officers from Portuguese Sports, John Medeiros, Frank Scarsella, Anthony Martone and Frank Hasek at MASS HOF Awards Ceremony

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