Thursday, May 1, 2014

Brilliant Analysis from A Legend

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Welcome to the Finger-Wagging Olympics

It's time to look at ourselves — and our collective moral outrage — in the mirror, says former NBA player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Moral outrage is exhausting. And dangerous. The whole country has gotten a severe case of carpal tunnel syndrome from the newest popular sport of Extreme Finger Wagging. Not to mention the neck strain from Olympic tryouts for Morally Superior Head Shaking. All over the latest in a long line of rich white celebrities to come out of the racist closet. (Was it only a couple days ago that Cliven Bundy said blacks would be better off picking cotton as slaves? And only last June Paula Deen admitted using the “N” word?) ...

See the whole article here, courtesy of Time.

Kicking Back Comments: Brilliant analysis from one of the games legends. It for me was also a stark reminder that many of these folks are more than the one dimension they are best known for. Then again, this situation has also reminded me that there are some that are no good at the one thing they are supposed to be doing.

The former is an important lesson to remember as people are multi-dimensional and while they may be known for one thing, likely have many other skills to back that up. The latter unfortunately is that some (not just Senator Reid which I cited) will use any misfortune to their own advantage or gain.

This is after all the variety that we could describe as the spice of life.


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