Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Hat Tip - Sunil Gulati

U.S., England support Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein for FIFA presidency

FIFA vice president Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein says the United States was among the national associations to nominate him to stand against Sepp Blatter for the top job in world football.

The Jordanian also disclosed he was endorsed by his home federation, Belarus, Malta and Georgia. The English FA had already announced it was backing him.

The vote to decide the presidency will be held at the FIFA Congress in May. ...

See the whole story here, courtesy of ESPN FC.

Kicking Back Comments: Kudos to Sunil for taking a stand against FIFA, or more precisely Sepp's re-election. To be sure there were shades of Gulati's character not long ago regarding such graft when he, along with (2) other FIFA EXCO members were "gifted" $25,000 watches ... and he (I'm sure politely) refused.

Anyone know the other (2) EXCO members? Al Hussein was one.

Now in the last go round, the US voted for Blatter and as I have stated publicly I did not understand why. It may however be something as simple as the desire to bring the World Cup back to the US in 2022, recognizing the Swiss Prince would oversee the whole sorted affair.

We know how that turned out for us.

Now with years and years to go before we decide on the next World Cup, and quite possibly outside Sepp's lifetime (I'm not foreshadowing anything, he's currently 78 years old) it would seem he would not have the ability to shut the US out again. 

Maybe with nothing to lose at this point in not supporting his reelection, we are making a positive statement that the US supports a non-corrupt FIFA.

It could also be for the very good reason of supporting an individual that is not corrupt and can begin to take The Game out of the sewer that it is in right now.

Maybe eventually with a leader at the helm who started such a movement.

Are we seeing the beginning of a future campaign for FIFA president from Gulati?

Would not be a bad choice in my opinion ... unfortunately for the same reasons why we will never see an American referee a men's World Cup final, we will also likely never see an American running FIFA. It's sad frankly, but that is the bias we have to shoulder.

I wonder if I can file a discrimination suit of some type??

Nah ... it would get tossed ... even the WNT knows that =/

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