Sunday, October 11, 2015

Make That Dos a Tres

Well then ... I was in the ball park, but underestimated the frenetic nature of the contest in the closing minutes.

There has been a bunch of commentary on this match easily "googlable" on the web ... let me add a few thoughts to the mix from a variety of perspectives:

1. While even for 45' after that is was nearly all Mexico with the run of play. Yes, the US came back in spectacular fashion, but frankly it was Mexico's night despite Jurgen saying " ... we played them even." Yes I know he said in the first half before the Jurgen lovers come at me ... but why say it at all when the US was chasing for every minute after halftime.

2. Salvadorian referee Joel Aguilar did a fine job last night. I had the pleasure of watching him work live in Foxboro when the US played Brazil in the 4-1 drumming the US received. As we saw play was frenetic and was indeed the "war" I had suggested it was going to be. He did a tremendous job in the face of that pressure and I believe did well. That said, were there things he could have changed, you bet, both ways, but for me, the US nor Mexico should have any issue with the refereeing for this match.

3. Klinesman took a swipe at one of the USs' best referees, Mark Geiger during his excuse making, "it's not my fault" post match press conference. In his comments he stated that "The Gold Cup was influenced by poor referee decisions. That's why we were here tonight." (For any not familiar with the controversy, take a look here, courtesy of Bleacher Report)

Is he serious? This is akin to saying it is the referees fault we lost today. This is our National Team Coach?!?

News flash, it would not matter who we played the other night, the US is not playing well, and more specifically is not being coached any better than previous coaches if we dive into the statistics. Is it really worth the $2.5M we (crap, I with some of my registration fee) is paying him?

Just to pour some salt in the wound, take a look at USMNT fans hate Jurgen Klinsmann because he won't stop lying from SB Nation. It would seem clear I do not stand alone in my thinking.

Tick Tock President Gulati ... now would be a great time to make a move on a coach.

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