Friday, April 1, 2016

Before I wade in ...

... please review my thoughts from August 4th, 2015.

Please, before you start shooting the messenger with regard to the latest suit the WNT has brought (funny timing huh - given the CBA suit going on) I in my heart of hearts believe all people are equal. Man, woman, child, red, blue, green, purple ... who cares.

Also, I believe that people doing the same job, for the same business, with the same effectivity, should be paid the same. Period.

I recognize this is not always the case and many times women are paid far less for the same job men are doing. That's not right and should stop.

For folks however who are in a business that does not make money and expect a salary like a business that does is just not realistic. You could be the best <> and be recognized internationally for it, but if there is no market ... sorry. Even if this job is in a parallel market. [Editor note ... there is no analogy I can make here that ends well for me ... so I stopped]

I'll comment fully in the days ahead as I think ultimately it will turn out well for the WNT. Not MNT pay, but better. Honestly it is deserved to a degree based on notoriety the WNTR has given the US alone.

Three peeves I will share now though ...

1. Alex Morgan being a spokesperson for this issues makes sense to a point. But, her reported US National Team salary was recently reported at about $275K in 2013 - look at the 2013 Form 990 (source). While her salary is currently report about $70K (source) there is a total compensation piece here that just can't be ignored as her endorsements are reported as over $1M per year (source).

2. I don't see how Hope Solo is helping here. I don't mean from a salary perspective either. She is about to go back on trial for her domestic violence (source). Yes, she is in the effected class, but, is this a good PR strategy? Why is she still representing young girls from across the country?

3. Lets all recall that there is a CBA that has set these terms. There is always another choice if the desired terms are not met ... don't play. Yes it may end a dream for some ... yes it might curtail some of the very best players in the world from developing ... but we all make choices. If you want to be upset, blame the negotiator you hired.

One group of people who you do not hear are referees who would literally pay money to do these games. I get the passion from these players believe me ... but you want a class who has to train hard, be available, and gets almost nothing for it ... look no further.

More to come.

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