Thursday, July 1, 2010

Houston: The Eagle Has Landed

I've always found traveling fun ... I have always found traveling with a group of referees even more fun. The opening volley of flight from BOS to CRW was good and generally uneventful, save a very positive run in with a member of the POTUS medical sweep team.

Each of the referees and assessors (save your overdressed author in the center of the picture) is impressive in each of their own rights. It is truly humbling to be traveling with them and all they have accomplished, and the things they will soon accomplish in this tournament and beyond.

This group seems very cohesive and there is a relaxed tone with a subtle anxiety, which is typical leading up to events such as Regionals.This anxiety has grown slowly for some ... and as I am going through this process as an assessor for my first time, I am not immune to it. As while I pen this before getting up at 5a tomorrow to start a very long day, it mounts for me too.

Weather is beautiful, even a little cold in the overnights but have been sparkling clear days. Even hot in same cases ... and yes I already have too much colour and haven't even been out to a field yet.

All and all however, an excellent start to what will surely be an excellent week.

I was able to find a net connection (in the room no less) and will be blogging when able ... and tweeting via the iPhone much more often.

Stay tuned, the fun is just beginning.

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