Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 1: As of now, the clock is ticking

To keep on the Top Gun theme for just a minute, Commander Heatherly, call sign "Jester" (played by Michael Ironside) stated, "The clock is ticking, and as of now we are keeping score", the first time everyone was together at Top Gun.

This is as true in tournaments as it is in the movies. Stated another way, as soon as you leave your house for the tournament, you need to be "on", until you return to your home.

Seems like a lot of pressure and provides for very little down time eh. Well, that's the deal.

Even when you are back at your room resting for the next day, you could get a knock at your door from the assignment staff looking for help (it happened).

You could get a knock at your door from an assessor to discuss a point on your assessment (it happened).

You are being sized up by players, fans, assessors, referees and staff most if not all of the time. It happens.

When you travel, how are you dressed? I am going in my dress blues, right down to the federation tie. When you are in a group of folks traveling together, which do you think looks better, a bunch of folks in mis-matched "street clothes", or a group of folks in matching uniforms?

Same thing when you have down time between games. Are you walking around with that old, mustard stained, sleeveless, off color slogan T-Shirt, or do you have a crisp state logo polo shirt on?

You get the point I'm sure. Just keep it mind what Jester said. As of THIS moment, the clock is ticking, and everyone is keeping score.

See everyone on the plane. I'll be the guy in the pressed US Soccer jacket, grey slacks, crisp white shirt, federation tie, and polished dress shoes.

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