Saturday, July 10, 2010

A new way to predict the World Cup winner ... Toxoplasma Gondii?!?

This one goes into the "you have to be kidding" file. However, the little blue bug to my left has a correlation with winning at World Cups, and maybe some other notable things in history.

While not conclusive by any means, the following is a fun and provoking story (it can get kind of gross in spots too) that describes this little guy and all it may have to offer the sporting world in the future.

We shall see the result of the match itself, but Spain has a toxo rate of about 45% in its population, where Netherlands has a toxo rate of a whopping 80% at last count. If that is any indication it would bear out my prediction for the final of NED 2 - ESP 1.

Of course this is against the prediction made by Paul the Pyschic Octopus the other day, who chose Spain.

This interesting article worth reading is here, courtesy of

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