Saturday, July 10, 2010

Your Referee for the 3rd Place Match - Benito Archundia

I must say I do like this assignment, but did hope Benito would be doing the final, not the 3rd place match. See his official bio here, and a pretty good Wikipedia article here.

Archundia with this match will have a total of (8) at World Cup Tournaments, making him the referee with the 3rd most matches in World Cup history.

An economist and lawyer by trade (a man after my own heart), he is a tremendously experienced referee as noted by his match experience shown here, courtesy of

While (possibly incorrectly) seen as one of the "lenient" referees for only averaging less than (4) cautions per match, he certainly is no pushover. Statistics below are instructive.

based on 89 international matches

He certainly is no stranger to controversy as noted by his dealing with the Canadian national team, and the two incidents that have occurred with them. These are detailed in the Wikipedia page above. I do have to say though while every referee has detractors from one point or another, Archundia has a set of particularly vitriolic fans as indicated by their facebook page: The Benito Archundia Hate Society | Facebook

I for one am excited about the appointment, and look forward to Archundia working this last match of his World Cup career with the flair and professionalism he has put into his whole career.


  1. Its also worth noting that his assistant, Hector Vergara of Canada is also finishing one of the most decorated careers any FIFA AR has ever had.

  2. Thank you CWY2190! Stay tuned for more on this!