Thursday, March 1, 2012

Another case for technology

I don't know folks ... take a peek before reading on.

The ball defiantly crossed the line, and should have been a goal. My issue comes with the JAR in this case. He is in pretty good position. Optimally he should be on the goal line as the 2nd to last defender (the GK in this case) is there. Last defender in this case is standing off the field, but as well all (should) know, a defender can not step off the end line to create an offside situation.

In this case folks ... I think it was just a blown call and completely distinct from the goal from 2010 between GER v. ENG that I described in Bye - Bye Uruguay where the AR had no chance to make the call when the ball crossed the goal line.

Here, the JAR did very clearly have that chance to make the right call, and I am sure without it, continued to stoke the fires of the need for goal line technology.

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